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"Thank you so much for visiting wellnessthroughsound.org and a very warm welcome.


I am a Musician / Guitarist / Audio Engineer based in Manchester, UK, with a science based background in the intense environment of Aerospace Engineering.


Through battling my own experiences with chronic stress and anxiety, I found peace and solace in composing and producing relaxing meditative music.

I also started my own personal spiritual journey after being enlightened to the mind, body spirit connection...."

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...And Wellness Through Sound Was Born

"For years I lived a lifestyle where my brain was running constantly in "high beta" mode, which, like many, resulted in me suffering from the physical and mental effects of chronic stress and anxiety in my late 20's.


​I spent time with Holistic Therapists who introduced me to the world of holistic wellness, meditation, spirituality and the mind, body, spirit connection. It was a life changing moment when I realised that there are tools and methods we can use to help us control unwanted emotions and nurture creation of a better state of mind, and thus being.

One of these tools is music and sound! Being an autodidactive musician and audio engineer for over 15 years, music is my true love and passion. For me, playing the guitar is a form of meditation. So, I composed and recorded many relaxing music tracks which I could use for my own peace and harmony.

In early 2021, I started sharing my music with others from the spiritual community on the "Insight Timer" app, and the response I had was greater than anything I ever imagined. I was humbled to know that my music was evoking emotions and really helping people with their own mental and physical health, or simply serving as relaxing music which people were hugely appreciative of.

As my spiritual journey continued, I started to become interested in other musical aspects which link to meditation and brain state, such as Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment, Crystal Bowls and Sound Bath therapies, to name a few.

I have made it my mission, in what spare time I have, to create high quality music & audio for the specific intention of helping people achieve physical and mental wellness through sound.

However... I wanted the music to be high quality, suitable for everyone, but also tailored to suit the needs of the spiritual community. I wanted the music to be free of harsh distracting sounds. I wanted to make sure that the compositions I produced really hit home and feed the correct emotions that are intended to be invoked. I wanted to ensure that the music does what it says on the label, whether it be 432hz frequency, music in a certain key for Chakra balancing, Binaural Beats for sleep, or even a gratitude evoking meditative music piece.  

So, I decided to involve Holistic Therapists who work in the wellbeing industry and people who have practised meditation / Yoga daily for years. Working together, we ensure that all music that we produce is of the highest quality and serves the purpose honestly (not mislabelled).

All tracks that we produce are thoroughly tested in actual Meditation, Yoga sessions etc., and are thoroughly reworked before being released.

Our focus is Quality over Quantity."



"I also realised through my experiences that education on and the tools available to improve holistic wellness is key. I went for years in a state of consistent high beta chronic stress and anxiety impacting my mental and physical health, without understanding how to acknowledge it or manage it...


...Until I learned the science behind it. Then learning self help techniques such as meditation enabled me to observe my feelings, surrender to them, and better manage them.

So, as a bonus part of our offering, wellnessthroughsound.org will be working with Qualified Holistic Therapists, Sound Bath Experts, Reiki Healing Experts and more to bring you quality Articles, Blogs, Podcasts and Short Courses, with a huge range of interesting subjects from Music, Audio Waves, Vibrational Energy, Brainwaves and Meditation, right through to Spirituality, Chakras and Stress Management".

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"Remember, it's Quality over Quantity, so we will add to our library of music and education where we can and we will be continuously expanding to provide you with even more content as we grow. Be sure to follow us for:

  • Binaural Beats

  • Sound Baths

  • Sounds of Nature & Earth recorded by us in the wild

  • Music to assist Reiki Healing

  • Music and Audio to aid a restful sleep

  • Relaxing & Emotive Meditative Music

  • And much more

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

I hope the content we produce makes a difference to you today!


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All the best,

Lawrence Libert

Founder of WellnessThroughSound"


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