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Royalty Free Music

License Our Music for Use in your Well being projects, Guided Meditations, Videos, Online Courses, Podcast and more

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Breathe Life Into Your Projects With Music

Use our relaxing music and ambient soundscapes in your projects, such as YouTube videos, Online courses, Yoga videos, Guided Meditations, Podcasts and more, by purchasing a "Royatly Free" license from us.

Our Music is specifically tailored for use in the wellbeing industry and has been used internationally by over 1million individual users from over 120 countries.

Safe For YouTube & Other Popular Uses

Legally Cleared For Use

Tailored For Wellbeing

Supporting Artists

100% Profit To Artists

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What You Get?

Upon Purchase, you will be able to download the Music Track, which you can then start using immidiatley, within the terms of the license option you have slected.

We have a range of different licenses options that offer some amazing benefits compared to other license sellers. Some of the benefits include:

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Choose the License That Fits You Best

Once you have found a Music Track that pefect for your project, choose the license type that best suits your needs. We have a range, for one use, unlimited uses, or a license for the specific case of Guided Meditations.

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Which License Do I Need?

The licenses differ mainly in how many Projects you can use the Music Track in and some differencs in the "ways" that you can use the track. Here is a small breakdown. Please ensure to view the full licenses terms befroe purchase or ask us advice an we can direct you to the licnse that will cover your needs.


How Does It All Work?

Still need help? Watch this video that explains how it all works, how to make a puchase and start using our Music in your projects today.

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Loving Kindness
Play Video
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