Using Sound Energy to Help us Heal Naturally

Updated: Apr 21

By Rebecca Griffin of Ultimate Holistic Escapes

The mind-body connection is very real and we can utilise sound energy to help us to heal naturally.

It is not hard to believe that your physical body is affected by your emotions, thoughts and feelings, right? Of course, this seems so obvious if we think about the placebo effect which was confirmed as standard measure in the prescribing of pharmaceutical drugs in the 1950’s. Clinical trials have proven that placebo medication works effectively in certain situations such as pain management. Those already leading a holistic lifestyle will have probably discovered this for themselves, and those working in this industry will have no doubt studied it in detail at some point. As a holistic therapist, I see evidence of this a lot with my clients and I often refer to the Buddha quote, ‘what we think we become’. This works in both ways; positively and negatively.

‘Your mind can be a powerful healing tool when given the chance. The idea that your brain can convince your body a fake treatment is the real thing — the so-called placebo effect — and thus stimulate healing has been around for millennia. Now science has found that under the right circumstances, a placebo can be just as effective as traditional treatments.’


Think of something uplifting such as a joyful experience or person you love and notice the subtle energy of your physical body shift. The thoughts you have chosen have set off a chain of events (biochemical) that have lead to an emotional and physical response. In the same way, think of something disturbing, stressful or upsetting and watch how your body tenses up and has a negative response. Your heart rate increases or slows down depending on your thoughts. This is the simplest and most relatable way of explaining the mind body connection, but it goes way deeper than this when we work with holistic healing.

There are some age-old terms that relate to the mind-body connection such as heart-warming or heart-wrenching, and worried sick. These terms are quite clearly an indication of a physical response to the thoughts in the mind. When you are anxious or stressed, you usually have a fast heart rate and can feel sick in your stomach. Depression and anxiety has been linked to ‘unexplained’ physical pains in the body. The pain is very real, but illness in the mind has manifested into the physical body. Our body literally speaks to us and we absolutely should listen. Unresolved trauma can be related to certain diseases of the organs due to the manifestation of blocked emotions. This can seem uncanny to someone when you question their past or present feelings and emotions during a time of illness.

The physical connection to the mind is powerful too. When you exercise, how does it make you feel in your mind? Probably de-stressed, more focused and ‘high’ on endorphins. So here we have a classic example of the body-mind connection. Your posture is another good example. When you stand tall, you automatically feel more confident and energetic, as opposed to a slumped over hiding away posture which can make you feel vulnerable, nervous and shy.

The mind-body connection is a constant cycle and we can utilise it as a natural method of healing; a way to maintain homeostasis (balance in the body). When we tune in to the energy and effects of the connection between our mind and body, our day to choices and experiences become more intuitive and meaningful, rather than habitual and unhealthy.

Tibetan Bowl, Sound Healing, Singing Bowl
Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for over 5000 years as a method of natural healing

Here is a classic example of an unhealthy cycle with the mind and body. If you are a person who thrives off stress and you are functioning in a high state of stress for the majority of your day, it could be that you are unknowingly addicted to adrenaline which is one of the stress hormones. You may think you feel good and get a ‘rush’ whilst you are seemingly thriving off this hormone, but in reality it’s not doing your physical body any good. The stress response is essential for us all in certain scenarios, but your body needs to come back to its rest and repair state soon after to reduce the risk of stress-related disease. The key is to take notice of this, acknowledge the cycle and make healthy choices to break it.

There are ways to break an unhealthy cycle by utilising the tools and powers within you, but there are also some easily accessible tools available to you in the form of guided meditations and sound healing. It is a matter of choosing to take control and with knowledge comes power, and then empowerment! So, consider some self-reflection and note the things that you pick up on about yourself that could be unhealthy mind-body or body-mind cycles. Are your thoughts intuitive, positive and healthy? Or are they negative, destructive and intense? Your body will no doubt be trying to tell you.

In my work I sometimes come across resistance, in particular with meditation. A client may tell me that they have tried meditation and it doesn’t work, or they can’t do it. It is at this point I make a judgement call… are they open to switching this thought process to ‘I can…’?

Or do they need to experience the benefits first so they then believe it is possible for them to meditate? This is where sound healing becomes a real superpower! I have done 1-1 sessions with clients who have struggled to switch off and they have reached a state of bliss in the first session.

As well as many tried and tested holistic therapies, I find sound energy so powerful, both personally and professionally. This is a daily ‘go-to’ for me because it’s an easily accessible way to clear out blocked emotions and help me and many of my clients to reach a balanced state the body is able to replenish and recharge naturally. It may be that you just need to listen to some upbeat music to make you feel more alive, or you are in need of the pure tones of crystal singing bowls to bring you to a state of peace after a busy day. When I play or listen to crystal singing bowls I immediately start to come into a state of balance, and my body and mind come into harmony with each other. I know this balanced state hasn’t been felt by everyone, and it really is something I can recommend exploring. I believe we should all be educated on the powers of natural healing and we should be prioritising the tools available to us every single day. There would certainly be a lot less illness amongst us.

What makes sound healing so special and unique? The sounds are created by a healer or audio specialist specifically for an intended purpose. Whether it be to induce deep relaxation, reduce anxiety or encourage confidence and self-belief, sound energy creates shifts in the mind and body through sensory perception. If you were to listen to sound healing instruments in person, you may notice subtle shifts in the physical body without even making any effort to control the thoughts in your mind. Sound energy is very powerful and the subtle energy shifts will probably be noticed more after the experience, as your mind is eased and a sense of balance and wellbeing is felt. Listening to binaural beats is a way to experience this without being in person with a healer. These beats have usually been produced by an audio engineer for a specific purpose and they work with minimal effort from the person listening. You simply hit play and focus purely on the sounds. Binaural beats are a way to force the brain into a synchronised state by altering the brainwaves. This is also known as brainwave entrainment.

It is all very interesting and well worth exploring.The great thing about sound healing is that once you are open to the energy that sound creates, and you begin to really absorb it, it will just keep on getting better as you become more and more receptive. You will also find that you are able to come into a healing space with minimal effort. So, what will you be tuning into today?

Rebecca Griffin is a VTCT qualified holistic therapist and certified meditation teacher. More of her blogs and details of what she offers as a therapist can be found here.

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